Municipal Water Systems

City of Fruitland, Idaho

Pharmer Engineering was retained by the City of Fruitland to serve as City Engineer for the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure improvements. Due to the City’s lack of potable water during the upcoming summer, the first task by Pharmer was to design and construct a temporary water treatment system.  

Pharmer took on this task in a fast-track approach so that the water treatment system which will draw water from the Payette River would be in place and operational by mid-July. In order to meet the needs by the accelerated growth in the area, Pharmer conducted a City-wide water facilities plan and started work on the upgrades required for the water treatment facilities in the Fall of 2007.

Palisades Water and Sewer Feasibility Study

Economic growth in and around the City of Fruitland has been expanding over the past years. The Palisades junction is approximately 1.75 miles south of the City and is at a major intersection of two State Highways as well as bordering the interstate. Pharmer Engineering examined the feasibility of providing water and sewer services to the Palisades area, which will allow for economic growth to the area. The study was funded through the USDA and the Idaho Department of Labor and Commerce Funding Grants.

Water Facility Plan

Pall Membranes in FruitlandThe City hired Pharmer Engineering to address a new arsenic drinking water standard mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). With the new arsenic standard of 10 micrograms per liter (ug/L) for community and noncommunity nontransient drinking water systems, the arsenic concentration measured in the City's water supply ranged from approximately 20 to 39 ug/L. The Report was used as a planning document by the City to assist in providing adequate drinking water to the City's residents and water users over the next 20 year planning period.

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Water Treatment Plant

Fruitland Water Intake AerialPharmer Engineering designed a new water treatment system for the City of Fruitland, including 2.5 miles of transmission and distribution piping, a 1.2 million gallon storage reservoir and pumping station, a 3.2 mgd raw water intake pumping station, and a green field water treatment plant with a capacity of 3.2 mgd. The project began in October 2007 and was completed in October 2010.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho, representing the consulting engineers of Idaho, awarded this project 1st Place in the Water and Stormwater Category at the 2010 Idaho Engineering Excellence Awards Competition.

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City of Idaho City, Idaho

Pharmer Engineering has been working closely with Idaho City to complete a number of projects over the past few years, including updates to the wastewater system, completing a Water Facility Plan, and preparing to implement the design and construction of two new wells, two new storage tanks, and numerous repairs and upgrades to the City's water distribution system.

As the City Engineer, Pharmer Engineering has also assisted in writing numerous grant and loan applications to provide funding for City projects. Some of these projects include a $75,000 Water Facility Planning Grant through DEQ, an $88,000 Energy Block Grant provided by the Office of Energy Resources for updates at City Hall and improvements to the Ray Robison Community Center, a $50,000 Transportation Grant provided by the Local Highway Assistance Council to complete a transportation plan, and a $2.04 million loan from the DEQ State Revolving Loan Fund at 0% interest with over $440,000 in loan forgiveness to design and construct the improvements to the water system.

Water System Improvements

Idaho City Water Plant BuildingWhen Idaho City's water source for the treatment plant, an infiltration gallery, clogged unexpectedly, Pharmer Engineering developed, implemented, and managed a plan to construct two new vertical infiltration galleries to replace the failed system. Pharmer Engineering was able to work closely with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to quickly meet all of the applicable State requirements to provide water to the City. Pharmer Engineering also worked with the City to develop several alternatives for water system improvements under the Water Facility Plan.

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City of McCall, Idaho


Water Facility Plan

McCall Water Treatment PlantPharmer Engineering staff was selected by the City of McCall to provide engineering services associated with design changes and construction management of a new $6.5 million water filter plant. The project covered all aspects of a complex water filtration treatment system. The plant is controlled and uses state of the art SCADA systems for optimum performance and consistent water quality.

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Water Storage and Pipeline

McCall One Million Gallon Storage TankPharmer Engineering staff was selected by the City of McCall in 2005 to design a one million gallon water storage tank. The tank was fed from the water treatment plant through dedicated 12 inch and 16 inch PVC lines up a steep grade to a buried concrete tank. The pipeline route passed through rocky areas which required blasting. The tank site was on donated land and required the structure to be designed to blend into the landscape with minimal disruption to the surroundings. 

Pharmer designed the concrete tank with consideration of the short construction season.  To save time, the roof was designed using precast concrete columns, beams and double tee panels. The cover was completed in two weeks. The interior concrete surface was painted with a NSF 61 flexible polyurea coating. The tank construction began in July 2005 and was completed by December 2005. It was put into service after coating in spring of 2006. Our scope of engineering work included planning, design, construction administration, startup and training.

City of Meridian, Idaho

Reclaimed Water Booster Station

Meridian Booster Station and Reservoir

In January 2010, Pharmer Engineering prepared plans and specifications for a Class A reclaimed water booster facility for the City of Meridian. The facility's discharge pumps are designed for flows up to 1.15 million gpd of reclaimed water to a local park. A unique aspect of this project is the easily expandable design. By making access to equipment and piping easy and phasing future booster station upgrades, the system can be expanded to 10 mgd to meet the future reclaimed water needs for the City.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho, representing the consulting engineers of Idaho, awarded this project 1st Place in the Environmental Category at the 2010 Idaho Engineering Excellence Awards Competition.

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